As a teacher, I believe that anyone, at any age or ability can learn to play an instrument at a high level. I teach to develop independence, confidence, and self discovery in my students, while maintaining a strong foundation in technical ability and knowledge of the instrument. I encourage my students to be strong thinkers, meticulous problem solvers, and fearless explorers.

I hold certifications in the Suzuki Method as well as Creative Ability Development (CAD), which uses improvisation to as a tool to help students find their own voice. I have studied pedagogy with Christiane Pors-Sadoff and Richard Fuchs (a student of the pedagogue Paul Rolland) and CAD with Alice Kanack. 


" Aimee brings a seriousness of artistic intent to her class, which allows the children to make work that is at once beautiful and profound but also distinctly their own. My daughter grew much more comfortable with experimenting on her instrument, which was a joy to see.

I would highly recommend Aimee as a teacher!"