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As a teacher, I believe that anyone, at any age or ability can learn to play an instrument at a high level. I teach to develop independence, confidence, and self discovery in my students, while maintaining a strong foundation in technical ability and knowledge of the instrument. I encourage my students to be strong thinkers, meticulous problem solvers, and fearless explorers.

I hold certifications in the Suzuki Method as well as Creative Ability Development (CAD), which uses improvisation to as a tool to help students find their own voice. I have studied pedagogy with Christiane Pors-Sadoff and Richard Fuchs (a student of the pedagogue Paul Rolland) and CAD with Alice Kanack. 

I teach students ages 3-100 who are interested in cultivating a creative and well-rounded approach to playing the violin.  Whether you are interested in classical repertoire, fiddle and folk styles, improvising, or composition, I tailor lessons to your own musical goals.


I offer individual lessons as well as small group classes for both adults and children. I am available for in-person lessons in Queens and the greater NYC area and virtual lessons anywhere!​

I am a queer and disability affirming teacher and work to create a studio environment where everyone can feel safe to learn and create.

Each student receives one private lesson each week

30 minutes: Beginners 

45 minutes: Intermediate Students

60 minutes: Advanced Students and Adults


" Aimee brings a seriousness of artistic intent to lessons that allows students to make work that is at once beautiful and profound but also distinctly their own. My daughter grew much more comfortable with experimenting on her instrument, which was a joy to see.

I would highly recommend Aimee as a teacher!" -Elise (Parent of a student)

"Our son started taking violin lessons with Aimee when he was three years old. From the beginning, Aimee had a great rapport with him. Aimee always has a new game or way of explaining things to keep him engaged.  He really looks forward to violin lessons each week. Aimee has a special gift for working with young musicians and we can't recommend them highly enough! "-Shannon (Parent of 3 year old beginner)

"Aimée’s vast knowledge of different music styles has let me piece together my own voice as a musician and explore different folk traditions.  I also have an upper body injury that makes practice frustrating but Aimée has coached me through routines to improve playing without hurting myself. They have a keen eye (even over Zoom) for the guidance someone needs to advance their playing. Without them as a teacher, I surely would have given up violin months after starting. Aimée encouraged and coached me through difficult phases of my learning and I fully recommend them as a teacher to anybody deciding to learn this beautiful, challenging instrument."- Dante (Adult online student)

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