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What is the Suzuki Method?

How it Works

The Suzuki Method was developed by Japanese violin pedagogue Shinichi Suzuki in the early 1950's. He realized that young children learn to speak their native language by about the age of 5, by listening to their parents speak, through repetition, and in a nurturing environment.

He advocated that this high level of achievement could be applied to the study of music. When he first started teaching violin to young children he called his method the “mother-tongue method” he later called this “ability development”.  It is now known internationally as the Suzuki Method.


-Students listen at home daily to a recording of songs they will learn.

-The teacher teaches technique (how to hold and play the instrument) in weekly lessons.

-Students practice daily with the participation of a parent who attends each lesson and helps the student practice at home.

**Parent participation is key**


"Aimee is an extremely talented musician and is able to convey expertise to others who are not quite at the same level yet. Aimee has adeptly adjusted lessons with our daughter as she has advanced her level of playing. Aimee's teaching style and ability are invaluable in keeping our daughter passionate about playing the violin." -Parent of 8 year old student

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