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Creative Ability Development

Creative Ability Development is a pedagogical method that uses musical improvisation to nurture the creative side of the brain. CAD teaches a child to develop their own musical voice, share with others, and respect the ideas of others. Students who study CAD not only find a strong sense of self-expression in music but also in their everyday lives.

In CAD lessons students learn elements of music theory, musicianship, and communication by playing together and practicing creative exercises. They learn about non-traditional or non-classical scales, modes, and rhythms that aren't generally taught in classical music lessons. Students learn to listen deeply, to play as a soloist, and to accompany others.

By practicing creativity, students become well rounded, confident musicians in a fun and supportive environment. 

If you are a teacher looking to incorporate improvisation and creativity into your teaching, I offer teacher training for instructors of any instrument.

"Close your eyes and imagine a place where you cannot make a mistake, where no-one is allowed to criticize you, everyone listens when you speak, and everyone applauds your have just entered the world of Creative Ability Development." -Alice Kanack

Student CAD Projects

Suzuki Method

Japanese violin pedagogue, Shinichi Suzuki made the observation that children can learn to speak their native language by about he age of 5. They learn through listening, repetition, encouragement, and a nurturing environment. He developed a teaching style and method with the same philosophy to learn an instrument and named it "mother-tongue method", we now know it as the Suzuki Method.

How it Works

  • daily listening to recordings of the pieces that will be learned

  • step-by-step teaching and learning 

  • participation by an adult practice partner who attends lessons and guides practice sessions with the child each day at home

"Aimee is an extremely talented musician who's teaching style are invaluable in keeping our daughter passionate about playing the violin." -Parent of 8 year old student
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